Fall 2017 Regional Meeting Materials

Permit Revision Updates for Meeting 10-26-17

Summary and full document below:

10-26 Agenda Item Excerpts

10-26 Agenda Item Attachment



Sarah’s Powerpoint is so thorough it had to be divided to be uploaded to Word Press.Ai?? Thanks Sarah for the hard work!!!

Powerpoint with CCCECE and Community College Information

Fall 2017 CCCECE & Commumity College

Powerpoint with CDTC, Mentor, Immunization and Permit Information

Fall 2017 CDTC, Mentor, Immunizations & Permit

Powerpoint withAi?? Department of Education Information

Fall 2017 Department Of Education

Powerpoint with PEACH Updates

Fall 2017 PEACH Updates

Powerpoint with Adventure Playground, Balls and Additional Transforming the Workforce Informaiton

Fall 2017 Balls, Adventure Playground more TWB8


Important Links




Handouts and Forms

Great Quality Counts Figure that Points Out the Community College Role (too big to upload as powerpoint page.

Quality Counts QRIS Figure

CA Career Lattice Draft 9-8-17 with labels

Immunization and Advocate Information

2017-2018 Region-Meeting-Report-Form

Formated Regional-Meeting-Sign-in-sheet