Advocacy Request

It is important that CCCECEai??i??s small but powerful public policy voice is responsive to the needs of the field. We have developed a process to get information from you our members. If you have a concern please email one of the current Public Policy Board members.
Please include a few notes about the following

  • Ai?? Key content of the issue
  • Ai?? Support or opposition
  • Ai?? Funding source
  • Ai?? Potential impact on other programs
  • Ai?? Information from sponsors and/or authors of the bill, policy or action
  • Ai?? Anticipated positive and negative outcomes of the issues on programs, budgets, and populations
  • Ai?? Recommended CCCECE Board action
Issues will be discussed and action decisions made at the next board meeting unless the Board makes an exception to this process. The Public Policy Chair will coordinate communications about board decisions to the appropriate decision makers. The board may choose from a variety of actions including but not limited to: visiting legislators/decision makers, writing position letters, organizing statewide grassroots efforts, signing on to othersai??i?? work, and writing white papers.
Public policy framework adopted June 23, 2007